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Gallo Dry Salame

Posted on February 9, 2014 at 12:50 PM

America's best dry salame has been made in San Lorenzo, California, near San Francisco, by the Gallo company, since 1910. This Italian-style sausage is perfect with red wine, French bread and cheese.

Saint Albray cheese, a perfect complement to dry salame, French bread and red wine. It slices beautifully and is mild and moist, but still retains its body despite its creamy nature. Saint Albray's enduring success comes from its distinctive taste. As a young soft ripened cheese, St. Albray resembles a rich and mellow Camembert, but with a less intense flavor. Within its mysterious aging process, St. Albray develops the hearty, robust flavor of a traditional washed-rind cheese. Its ivory center contrasts well with its colorful rind. Serve Saint Albray with a Pinot Noir or other red wine such as Chianti.

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