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Elegant Simplicity M-J's Macrobiotic Apple Pie 

Raw Daikon Radish, Sautéed Carrots, Red Onion and Ginger with Soba Noodles


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Gyoza, the Famous Japanese Dumpling


Forming Gyoza: Brown Rice, Mashed Adzuki Beans, Miso and Vegetables are Encased in Thin Dough

Extra-Firm Tofu is Marinated and Dusted with Soy Flour, before Being Sautéed in Safflower and Sesame Oils

Brown Rice with Fuji Apple


M-J’s Macrobiotic Apple Pie

Macrobiotic Whole Wheat Crust Pie

M-J’s Macrobiotic Pie, Ready to Bake–the Ingredients are as Follows:                                                           Filling: Raw Apples, Cinnamon and a Little Brown Rice Syrup; Crust: Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Rolled Oats, Safflower Oil, Sea Salt, Cold Water or Green Tea

Use more whole wheat flour than oats for the pie-crust. You must use more oil than water or tea, otherwise your crust will be hard.

Elegant Simplicity: M-J’s Macrobiotic Apple Pie